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What I cover

I'm an expert in all things The Walt Disney Company, specifically Disney theme parks (Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort). I cover large parks like Universal as well as smaller, regional parks; family travel with older kids or adults traveling together; and New England destinations. My work spans these areas to include news pieces, listicles, reported pieces, features, and more.

What I'm available for

I'm looking for a wide range of coverage, from the latest news concerning my areas of expertise as well as forward-thinking ideas about how the travel landscape is changing. My goal with my work is to empower readers to be their own experts when planning the next vacation to their favorite destination.

Editors: I'm currently open to take on assignments! Feel free to reach out via email or DM.

PR: I'm open for press trips and invites. Currently, I am booking trips for January 2024 and beyond.


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You can find me on:
instagram // @itscarlyneil
twitter x // @itscarlyneil
tiktok // @carlyhereandthere
my blog //
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Disney and travel writer Carly Terzigni
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